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Supernatural AU where every time Dean and Cas stare at each other for longer than five seconds Sam glares at the camera and it zooms in on his face like The Office. 

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Whatever they are, they are experimenting. They are testing, they are—they are dissecting. Trying to understand us, trying to understand…three dimensions.

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"I miss you too…"

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Oh wow he gets it

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Favourite Clara outfits.

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It’s 2014 and racism is alive and well everyone…


notice theyre not being tear gased tho

I have tears in my eyes man. I’m not even there and I am so freaking tired of this.

i hate white people

Literally you might as well just say I hate countries. Such a wide variety of people, you can’t generalise white people. It’s idiotic.

i love how you see the klu klux klan in a photo disturbing a peaceful protest for a slain boy but the fact that i said i hate white people is what’s making you upset. white people in a nutshell. lacking the basic empathy needed to understand why black people hate our oppressors. and, on the note of generalizing: when white people are generalized, it keeps black people safe from potentially violent racists. when black people are generalized, we’re deemed worthless and our murdered bodies don’t mean a damn thing to the majority of white people. but, please. let me know how i’ve hurt your feelings for simply hating the way me and my people are treated.

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nostalgia group hug~ for one special girl who’s going through some hard times (u know who u are) based on this super cheesy reference photo I found while googling ‘hugs’.

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this means so much to me. so much

Okay but like actually this is the most thoughtful gift IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

It might seem to make more sense to give Ron the precious family heirloom (remember that Molly’s brother Fabian died in the First Wizarding War; Molly has held onto his watch out of sentimentality since then). But Ron is the sixth son in his (canonically financially-struggling) family. He’s been forced into hand-me-downs his whole life. If he’d gotten the watch with a dent in the back, he wouldn’t have appreciated it; he’d only have seen the flaw. And if his mum bought Harry a new watch instead of getting Ron one, Ron would have resented that. A new watch was a worthwhile expense to get Ron a rare taste of the luxury and individual attention he has always craved.

Harry, though. Harry has money; Harry has new things. What Harry does not have is family. Harry is an orphan. Other than one photo album and the invisibility cloak, he doesn’t have anything that came with family history attached. What Molly does here is give him that; she makes him part of the family, symbolically, by giving him an emotionally significant if physically imperfect item. She gives him love in a tangible form.

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Artist Appreciation: Babrus Khan 
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Three years.

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Is this our SUICIDE SQUAD?

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ryan Gosling was being courted to star in Suicide Squadaccording to sources. THR also reported that Warner Bros. has made overtures to Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Miss Margot Robbie regarding the film. [The studio has not yet commented on the casting rumors.]

David Ayer [End of Watch, Training Day *awesome director, by the way] will direct the DC Comics supervillain team film from a script by Justin Marks [Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.] Suicide Squad is set to be released in 2016. [x]

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okay but this is so important for both Damian and Colin.

This is one of the times when we’re reminded that Damian is still just a kid. He’s 10. He hasn’t been doing the whole vigilante thing for very long at all. 

Yeah he was trained by assassins and makes death threats every 10 seconds, but here he’s just realised all those children are dead. Children. Children not much older than he is, and they’ve been murdered. 

He doesn’t react like you’d expect him too. He’s physically sick. Even Dick’s concerned about him at this point. I mean, just look at Damian’s face in the second panel. 

He’s pained. 

And Dick sees this instantly and has to be there to rein his anger back in. 

But what I find even more interesting is Colin’s reaction to this. He knew about the dead children and followed Batman and Robin to find them. 

And when he sees the dead children for the first time, he doesn’t react in anger. He isn’t ill at the sight. In fact, his reaction is almost…indifferent

Yeah, he says the whole thing is horrible and that he doesn’t blame Damian for getting anger and ‘losing it’, but Colin himself doesn’t get angry. 

He just leaves, thinking everything over. Colin betrays no emotion (I could even go so far as to say he appears neutral at this point) in his thoughts or actions - which speaks volumes. 

Damian reacts badly and violently - he’s not accustomed to this and can’t handle it. 

Colin doesn’t react - he’s used to this. 

We already know that Colin has been targeted by Scarecrow and Hush and that he has a lot of phobias and mental illnesses and he’s been in more than one orphanage/foster home.

Colin knows the dark and gritty side of Gotham first hand.

Damian doesn’t know it as well. 

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